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Rice Military: Bridging the Gap Across Houston

Rice Military is in a small yet, interesting part of town. It is a quiet area, bridging the gap between bustling night time hot spots on Washington Avenue and the Galleria, Montrose, The Heights and Greenway/Upper Kirby neighborhoods. It’s small, being bordered by Westcott on the west side, Shepherd on the east, Buffalo Bayou to the south, and Washington Avenue to the north, but that’s what makes it so perfect.

Source: Houston Chronicle, Typical Rice Military style home

Source: Houston Chronicle, Typical Rice Military style homes

According to Houston Properties, the upper class neighborhood is still in a bit of transition as people are clamoring to move into it, but the prices are still teetering on affordability, for now. Small homes built in the 1950s have given way to the newly popular 3 story condo style homes, with prices ranging anywhere from $500,000 to 1 million and high end town homes in the $280,00-500,00 range. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but getting in now means you’ll only see a growth in the value of your home, and the amenities that come right along with it. Rice Military has one of the best appreciation rates in the city in the last 10 years at 33%, with a 10-year growth of 142% last year.

Already the neighborhood has a few small shopping centers, restaurants and bars filling up the area, as it continues to add more business to truly make it possible to fulfill the majority of your needed and desired tasks within Rice Military borders.

When it comes to demographics, Giraffe Realty tells us the neighborhood is made up of an equal number of married and single couples, as well as men and women, with the average resident being 32 years old. As the average resident makes about $70K each year, it’s no surprise that only 10% of the Rice Military residents are renting.

The neighborhood also scores high for those who love to get out on foot with a Yelp Walk Score of 75 of 100, naming it “Very Walkable.” Living so close to Memorial Park is a definite advantage, as you can roll right out of your front door and begin your run in your own neighborhood on the way to the multitude of trails nearby.  Taking the kids to the park and the conservancy is a great way to bring nature to them while still staying inside the heart of the city.

Educationally, the area is zoned to some of the best schools in the Houston Independent School District. If you’re looking for private education, St. Thomas High School is located just on the other side of Shepherd from Rice Military, with St. John’s School further south on Shepherd Drive.  Both are excellent religiously affiliated private schools for your children.

Overall, Rice Military has a lot to offer in the way of amenities to make up for its tiny size. If you want to remain inside the loop and yet remain affordable and close to the action, Rice Military is the perfect neighborhood for you.

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