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Archive | December, 2014

Source: Sharpstown District

The Diversity and Culture of The Greater Sharpstown District

Sharpstown was a groundbreaking enterprise when Frank Sharp began development of this master-planned neighborhood in the 1950’s. Today, almost 100,000 people call the neighborhood home as it has exploded onto the scene with its amenities, transportation, and overall diversity. When it was started in 1955, Frank Sharp had a vision that was quite idiosyncratic for […]

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Source: Culture Map Houston

The Yum of NAM: Noodles and More

The La family has started an enterprise, NAM: Noodles And More, and it may be your newest addiction! With two locations in Houston and one in Pearland, this café brings fresh, fast Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cuisine to the delivery and dine-in market. Much the same way ordering fried take-out packed with MSGs has become […]

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Source: Westchase District, 2014 Granite Briarpark Green

The Westchase District: Blending Business and Family

The Westchase District is one of Houston’s economically illustrious master-planned communities. An oil and petroleum business magnet, Westchase is a special district unto itself, planned and regulated by a longstanding tradition of beautification, economic opportunity, and structured planning. Unlike most master-planned communities in Houston, Westchase caters to businesses equally as much as residents—or even more […]

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Source: Houston ISD

Halpin Early Childhood Center, Shaping Young Minds

Early childhood care and development is crucial to creating social skills and a passion for academics that will follow children throughout their lives. At early childhood centers, young children learn how to interact with their peers through play, teamwork exercises, and group projects. One of the most well-known centers in Houston is Halpin Early Childhood […]

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Source: Houston Press

Celebrate Modern American Cuisine at Pax Americana

Pax Americana is the newest restaurant that you’ve never heard of in Houston—and it’s a gas! Named for the period in American history after 1946 when the West enjoyed relative peace (“Pax” meaning peace), the restaurant itself seeks to bring customers an upscale, slightly 40’s-inspired restaurant experience. The whole restaurant feels like women with victory […]

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