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Find the best school districts to find the best neighborhood!

The best school districts tend to be the best places to live

If you ask any parent what their greatest hope is, their response will likely be some version of “to provide a happy and healthy life for my children.” Parents want to keep their kids safe and meet their basic needs, and they also want to see their children thrive and have more even opportunities than […]

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Source: Trulia

Where’s the best place to raise a family in Houston?

When searching for a new home in Houston, remember this: while it might take time and money, you can make changes to a house you aren’t 100-percent satisfied with upon purchase. It’s the neighborhood you choose to live in that’s much harder to change and control. That’s why it’s in your best interest to complete extensive research […]

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Source: AA Roads, Major road through North Houston by Kevin Trinkle

Northside of Houston: Booming With Business & Affordability

The Northside of Houston sounds like a vague gesture to the compass point but in fact the Northside is another of Houston’s communities that’s growing up fast. Home to some of the biggest businesses in Houston, the Northside enjoys the home-base store of Gallery Furniture: a Houston staple, landmark, and all-around attraction. It’s the Houston […]

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Source: Timbergrove Manor

Timbergrove, the Best of Both Worlds

Located just northwest of Downtown Houston and west of the Heights, Timbergrove Manor  is one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods. Its convenient location allows for easy access to many parts of the city, while still positioning itself in a safe residential area for families to raise their children. Today, Timbergrove mostly consists of classic one-story brick homes, and […]

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Source: <a href="">Royal Oaks</a>

Behind Those Prestigious Iron Gates: Royal Oaks

Private, prestigious, and just short of aristocratic: Royal Oaks lives up to its noble name. Large wrought iron gates emblazoned with a golden “R” beckon you to home and country club. There’s a large masonry wall surrounding the perimeter and 24-hour manned security gate for visitors as well as an automatic entrance (presumably for residents). Traveling up the high […]

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Source: <a href="">Houston-Condos.Info </a>

There is No Comparison to Houston’s Medical District!

Houston’s known for its diverse culture, its first-rate food, and its status as an energy powerhouse. It is also the U.S.’s premiere medical center and the largest medical center in the world. The Texas Medical Center is home to 54 medical-related institutions inside the medical district alone, all not-for-profit. The high-density body of patient-care clinics in addition to dedicated […]

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