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Gifted Students Achieve Excellence at Pershing Middle School


Source: Houston ISD

There are many amazing middle schools in Houston, but there is one high-achieving school on the Southwest side of Houston that stands out. As the second largest middle school in all of HISD, Pershing Middle School has a great faculty that is dedicated to helping students succeed, reach their highest potential, and maximize their natural talents, especially in the arts.

The school was established in 1928 and is located in Braeswood Place neighborhood, near Bellaire and other very desirable Houston neighborhoods, nestling it in a safe, family environment. Pershing is only made up of grades sixth-eighth but serves more than 1,800 students of the area.

Pershing has a gifted and talented program which serves the students who have reached high levels of academic achievement, as well as pre-AP classes and a high school credits program. Students who wish to get ahead have the opportunity to obtain high school credits for classes such as biology. The curriculum is more difficult, but is designed to keep them engaged so they can accomplish great things down the road. Pershing is also an amazing fine arts magnet school, with a program for students who specialize in fine arts and performing and visual arts.

With all the hard work the students are putting forth every day, the campus makes sure there is a balance, offering more than 30 unique daily enrichment classes such as yoga meditation, music editing, robotics, and spelling bee. Students will be able to complement their academic strengths and personal interests as they prepare for the real world after high school.

If your child has attained high levels of academic achievement, Pershing Middle School could be the place for them to continue to do well academically, as they grow mentally and emotionally!

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