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Harmony Science Academy, Prepping Early For Success

Charter schools are a popular choice for students because of their unique visions, rigorous curriculums and independent operations. Located in Southwest Houston, Harmony Science Academy has a program designed to teach its students compassion, integrity, leadership, accountability and tolerance, while maintaining high academic standards.

Their 1:12 faculty-student ratio ensures that students will get more individualized attention, with no more than 24 students in each class. The cutting edge technology that student as given access to along with being encouraged to ask questions creates a stimulating classroom experience geared to make your child a life-learner.

Harmony schools are also a part of the Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Initiative (T-STEM), which strives for students to excel in the fields of mathematics and science in secondary schools. The early emphasis on those key subjects in a nurturing environment can boost big results for your child in the long run.

Don’t live in the Southwest area of Houston? You are in luck! Harmony schools are located are also located all across the city for students of all grade levels and interests. 11 Harmony campuses made the Washington Post’s “Most Challenging High Schools” list, while 7 campuses appeared on the 2014 U.S News & News Report’s Best High School report, including Harmony Science Academy Houston.

Consider making your young mind of the future a part of the Harmony family and locate a campus near you. An early start could just the boost your child needs to achieve their dreams a Harmony school provide an excellent foundation. What you think of Harmony’s school system?


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