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Prepare for Priesthood at St. Mary’s Seminary

There’s a slew of great public and private schools for education in the Houston area, including some with opportunities for specialized education. St. Mary’s Seminary is a renowned theologate (a fancy word that essentially means a college for preparing for priesthood).

The strong Catholic community in Houston (nearly 20% of all religious persons) supports and contributes to the prestige of this Seminary, which is committed to the “personal, spiritual, academic and pastoral preparation of men for the Roman Catholic priesthood,” according to their website.

The community support, of course, from all over Houston emphasizes the global mission of the Roman Catholic Church. Houston is the most ethnically diverse city in the US, surpassing even New York and Los Angeles as of the 2010 census, and St. Mary’ Seminary has pledged itself to preparing its priests in collaborative, effective ministry serving all of God’s people by cultivating “language and pastoral skills” useful for a “variety of nations and cultures.”

The campus itself is gorgeous, serene and the beige stone casts it in a golden light on a sunny day. St. Mary’s Seminary is an excellent example of Houston’s cultural diversity, tradition, spirituality, and history, and one of the many options available for education and spirituality.



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