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Strake Jesuit, Where Boys Become Men for Others

Strake Jesuit College Preparatory
is a premier private boys’ school on Houston’s West Side. With a state of the art athletics department, art museum, and a faculty made up of 57% of teachers with advanced degrees in their area, what’s not to love?

The student demographics boast a 39% minority population and a student-teacher ratio of 12:1 to insure students receive a diverse and attentive education. It is the largest Catholic high school in Houston, but being Catholic is not a prerequisite for attendance (although a Christian spiritual life is fundamental to the Strake Jesuit education).

Nevertheless, the true philosophy behind an education at Strake Jesuit is Men for Others—a program that encourages the spirit of Jesus Christ through retreats, extra-curricular activities, spiritual education, and community service. In fact, the retreats are an integral, vital, and mandatory part of the Strake Jesuit educational experience. They are designed to cultivate the spiritual and altruistic lives of students, and each one is different.

Strake Jesuit also has an art collection so large that the campus is classified as an art museum. It has art from the likes of Picasso and Rosenquist all the way back to ancient art from Egyptian and Mayan empires.

Moreover, a private education doesn’t necessarily mean sequestered, and while it has exemplary idiosyncrasies that make this a truly special institution, it is also part of the University Interscholastic League (UIL), which allows it to compete against and commiserate with large public schools. In fact, the Athletics department has almost as much to boast about as the art collection. Strake Jesuit provides 13 different sports to students, has cultivated a healthy rivalry with St. Thomas High School (another private catholic high school, more centrally located), and in 2009 it finished rebuilding all of its athletic facilities.

Overall, Strake Jesuit is replete with excellent accommodations and educational tools to provide young men with a model education.

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