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Battlefield Houston, Redefining How Laser Tag Gets Played!

Battlefield Houston welcomes you to the big leagues of laser tag! If you want to challenge yourself while having fun, Battlefield Houston is the largest indoor tactical laser tag battlefield in the United States.

Tactical laser tag has never been so incredible! With cutting edge equipment capable of shooting farther than a paintball gun and high-tech, comfortable armor that prevents you from shooting your own team, you’re next outing will be one of a kind.

There aren’t any black lights, score sheets or smoke filled rooms, just more than 30 missions waiting for you and your team to succeed!

Besides open play, Battlefield Houston is open for parties and corporate events. Plus, they’ll even bring the action to you with their mobile laser tag division. If you are looking for a more intense experience, attend one of their lock-events. What could be more crazy fun than being up half the night completing missions with titles such “Search and Destroy”?

Check out one of the many unique events that Battlefield Houston holds throughout the year in the video above, then visit the link below to make your reservations! Who has experienced the intense fun at Battlefield Houston and survived? We’d love to hear how you made it out!

Via: Battlefield Houston

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