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Get the Scoop on Poop at the Houston Zoo!

Source: Houston Zoo

Source: Houston Zoo

What’s the grossest thing to do in Houston… that your kids will think is totally cool? The Scoop on Poop at the Houston Zoo!
This temporary exhibit is open December 22 through March 29 in the Brown Education Center. It is based on the popular book by Dr. Wayne Lynch and is free with zoo admission.
Elephant Poop at The Scoop on Poop

Elephant Poop at The Scoop on Poop

Kids think learning about poop is hilarious… but it turns out poop can teach us a lot about animals. ​Did you know some animals use it to hide from enemies, build homes… or eat it for dinner?  Speaking of eating poop…

Dung Beetles can roll away poop that is hundreds of times heavier than their bodies.  The beetles then use the poop… or eat it!  This is a really important job and means the rest of us aren’t knee deep in dung!
Dung Beetle Races at Scoop on Poop at Houston Zoo

Dung Beetle Races at The Scoop on Poop 

Kids get a chance to “roll dung” at the Dung Beetle Races.  It sounds disgusting… but is the most popular game at Scoop on Poop.  In a pinball-like machine, kids get to roll poop up the trail without dropping their ball.  It’s fun and funny!

Poop in Languages Scoop on Poop at Houston Zoo

Poop in Languages at The Scoop on Poop

Many of the other stations are interactive with lots of buttons, videos and things to flip.  You can hear “poop” in different languages, step on a scale to see how long it will take an elephant to poop your body weight and look through microscopes.  You can also listen in on a bear’s digestive system, see how a septic tank works and see what products are actually made from poop.

Poop at Scoop on Poop at Houston Zoo

Poop at The Scoop on Poop 

Another popular station is one that makes all the parents cringe… it is talking about the bacteria that comes from mice in your pantry… and it has real mice!​Take the kids to see just how gross and educational this new exhibit is at the Houston Zoo.  It’s warm, dry and a great place to giggle about dung, feces and poop… while learning a thing or two at the same time!​


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