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The Hidden Gem of Levy Park

I’ll bet many Houstonians have been somewhere near Levy Park recently – catching a film at Edward’s Greenway, shopping or dining in the Upper Kirby area.

However, most people have no idea about the fantastic little oasis of Levy Park tucked back behind the apartment complexes, business buildings and restaurants that pack down Richmond on the way to the Montrose. Not to mention, the Greenway area certainly does get overlooked because it’s nestled right between the popular and bustling nightlife of the Montrose and the shopping and tourist attractions of the Galleria area.

If you live anywhere near this park, you are definitely in for a real special treat. Upper Kirby Management District who’s handling the renovations, tells us that Levy Park has been undergoing changes and will continue to see major improvements over the next few months with a projected finish date in January 2016. The entire modernization and replanting of the park is definitely a huge boon to the neighboring apartment complexes, as the park was truly in need of a facelift. There will be more benches, a beautiful array of new trees, interactive water features, a performance pavilion, a community garden, and an update to the large gravel trail that runs around the park.

Did we mention Levy Park is an excellent place to bring your dog for a stroll, or to play fetch in the expansive dog park beyond the seating and playground areas for kids? Plenty of people from the nearby neighborhoods swing by with their pups during the day to hang out and socialize with other playful dogs. Children can have a blast here as well, on the playground areas with special fall surfaces, or at the huge softball field smack dab in the middle of the park.

If you’re in need of some cardio, or training for a run, the granite gravel pathways are perfect for a good long session, and they aren’t too crowded, like it can get at Memorial Park. There are plenty of open spaces for simply enjoying the scenery, relaxing, and maybe picnicking with friends.

This park has definitely been my little secret for a bit now since I discovered it, and I am absolutely happy to share it with others who I know will enjoy its location and beauty. With all of the new improvements in the area, and to the park itself, this will remain a truly hidden gem in the middle of an otherwise bustling business complex. Scoop your dog up and go visit Levy Park soon, you’ll both love it!

Levy Park is located at 3801 Eastside Street

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