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Khon’s Wine Darts Coffee, Art (and Live Music!)

Source: Facebook, Khon' class=

Source: Facebook, Khon’s

Houston’s Midtown is known for late night party shenanigans from the early 20’s crowd that seems to frequent the multitude of bars inhabiting the area.

However, Khon’s provides a relaxing neighborhood atmosphere that is a welcome reprieve from packed bars and loud top hits. Offering fantastic coffee, a unique wine and beer selection, as well as local live music regularly, the coffeehouse/bar is open 365 days a year from 4 pm-2 am.

Thanks to owner Khon Lu, the bar is a haven for artistic types who wish to either display or view the art he has featured on its walls. They have a rotating selection, and often make sales to patrons in order to keep local Houston art alive.

According to the Houston Press, even though Khon’s isn’t located inside a neighborhood, per se, it has a very neighborhood feel to it. Many of the clientele are regulars who come in for the creative atmosphere, fresh brewed coffee and tea, or beer and wine selection.

Source: Facebook, Khon' class=

Source: Facebook, Khon’s

While you can always bet on the pristine dart boards at Khon’s, the treat of live music is reserved for special nights. Sundays are reserved for a very talented jazz ensemble, but other nights you can expect any type of great music that isn’t too loud as to interfere with conversation or work. On very rare occasions, also hold entire concerts on the roof, where they have an expansive space for events and bands. No music when you show?  No problem, Yelp reviewer Meredith N. was sure to note that she enjoys the “lovely array of eras and genres” that the jukebox has to offer.

Be sure to follow Khon’s on Facebook to stay up-to date on upcoming live performances, as well the occasional grilling session, crawfish boil or BBQ so that you don’t miss out on all the fun.

In all, Khon’s is a great place to finish off a casual date, hang out just to enjoy the scene, play darts, or enjoy live music with a great coffee or “hard to find” beer. Khon’s is a must visit in the midtown area if you are looking for something interesting to do.

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