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‘All in the Timing’ Times it Right

The Alley Kat, formerly the Mink, is under new management in an effort to provide not just a live music venue but a totally new entertainment-bar experience. The bar itself has been updated and scaled up for a more mature crowd with more refined tastes.

The draw this week is Landing Theater Company’s hilarious in-bar take of ‘All in the Timing,’ beginning at 7pm on Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27. Comparable to Rudyard’s ‘Grown-Up Story Time,’ they take David Ives’ series of six hilarious vignettes and perform them to a bar with some theater seating with a dinner option catered by Julia’s Bistro.

Landing Theater Company is itself undergoing a metamorphosis. Without a space, Landing floats from venue to venue, finding theater to fit the crowd: a new kind of entertainment experience. So it’s perhaps lucky to have found such a great new home in the Alley Kat, which prides itself on a singular bar experience.

Through the bar, down an alley, through a set of side doors, up a flight of stairs: “All in the Timing” promises to be an underground experience. Talking with the cast, it seems the production took off primarily by word-of-mouth.

The vibe is pretty casual—this ain’t your grandma’s dinner theater. There are monkeys debating light philosophy, there’s a whole sketch dedicated to Philip Glass, there’s commentary on modern dating… it’s all the things you think about, only funnier because a professional thought them. And the cast is pretty fun to pal around with, too. After the show, they hang out like a local band at a local bar: be ready to make friends! They kept me laughing long after the show was over.

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