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Best Seafood in Houston – In Honor of Shark Week 2015

It’s officially Shark Week 2015, and what better way to celebrate than to dine like our razor sharp teeth friends? The vast array of restaurants that shine when it comes to seafood in Houston means that you’ll most likely enjoy your experience wherever you choose to satisfy your craving. Check out some of my favorite seafood restaurants in the area that make the cut:

Best Seafood in Houston – In Honor of Shark Week

Source: Foodspotting

· Willie G’s: Willie G’s is a Landry’s Select Club restaurant with a little bit of Cajun flare and special menus for each of their locations. It’s been my family’s dinner spot since we moved to Houston in the early 2000’s and I’ve tried almost everything on the menu… and some things off the menu—my godfather taught me that bad habit! Fortunately, you can’t find a spot that’s more accommodating. You’ll definitely want to try their Oyster Bar Trash, their Lobster Bisque and their Snapper Melissa. And don’t forget a dozen of their Gulf Oysters! Big, juicy—utterly to die for!

· UchiUchi takes contemporary Japanese dining to the very top of the food chain. With three menus—the Everyday, the Today, and the Sake Social, there is a selection of things you never knew you wanted. You’ll definitely push your gastronomic boundaries. Not only is everything they serve top-shelf and (in many instances) hard-to-come-by, but, their waiters are incredibly trustworthy in guiding your dining experience. In fact, the last time I went the waiter handed us menus and said “…or you can just trust me, I’m going to ask you some questions about what you like first.” At the end of the meal, I hugged my waiter and blinked a lot but was definitely not crying. I love to eat, I love to experiment, and this eating experience was borderline religious.

Best Seafood in Houston – In Honor of Shark Week

Source: Cynical Cook

· ReefAnother upscale dining experience, Reef offers a variety of sweet and savory cuisine that is unique to this kitchen. Experimenting with a number of different flavors, Reef’s dishes are all designed to be integral in working together to emphasize each other. The drinks are lauded highly, as is the creative happy hour menu. In the 400 reviews and counting they’ve racked up on Yelp (maintaining a cool 4 star rating), Reef seems to continuously blow people away.

· Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette: The chic younger brother to Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar: the Oysterette is sophisticated, airy and bright with an emphasis on the oysterette showpiece. But the aesthetic of the restaurant isn’t the only draw: the menu, with daily specials, has old Liberty Kitchen favorites and exquisite new delicacies to tempt any seafood aficionado. In true form, Lance Fegen and Travis Lenig do it again: there’s a little something for everyone here with over 90 menu items and an emphasis on ‘new twists on old favorites.’ The last time I visited I tried the weekly specials and they were divine.

· Truluck’s Truluck’s, a self-described ‘getaway for the senses,’ update their menus weekly and by-location based on the seafood available in that particular area. Committed to sustainable seafood, they strive to emphasize ethical and humane fishing and farming practices. The food here is pretty classically prepared seafood taken to the next level by an enthusiastic attention to detail. Don’t think for a second that ‘classic’ means at all boring or even ordinary: the ambience is somewhat superior with a dress code to maintain an atmosphere of fine dining and elegant experience.

Sink your teeth into the best of what the ocean has to offer in honor of Shark Week 2014! I know I will, as soon as I decide where to start!

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