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Change Your Definition of Brunch at Brick & Spoon

Source: Urbanspoon

Source: Urbanspoon

A posh little place with across-the-street parking, Brick & Spoon is a fabulous brunch spot. Do live music (a bit loud, but definitely bumpin’), amazing build-your-own Bloody Mary options, and delectable food catch your attention?

I have to say: my experience here was slightly marred by the fact that I chose to sit on the front porch. You should definitely make reservations before coming here, and trying to enjoy sitting on the porch in 100 degree weather in a black turtleneck is definitely not a good idea. It will make life very difficult to enjoy, even at a place with food as incredible as Brick & Spoon.

Hearty breakfast foods, delicious options for those who want a more lunch-centered dining experience, the restaurant hit the nail on the head when they described themselves as ‘completely sophisticated and sensual yet totally casual.’ Plus, they have an entire menu dedicated to your perfect Bloody Mary. Yes, a whole separate menu that shines.

Change Your Definition of Brunch at Brick & Spoon

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Bloody Mary not your thing? They have mimosas, too (standard fare for any truly great brunch spot), and twenty other creative options if you’re an adventuresome day drinker.

I got the Shrimp & Tarragon Samich (yes, it is a good ole Southern restaurant, and also that’s how sandwich is spelled on the menu to guarantee an authentic experience), and was torn between that and the Corn Crab & Sweet Pepper Crepe. I think I’m still torn—the sandwich was so good, I’m tempted to order it over and over.

Brick & Spoon also offers beignets that come stuffed or unstuffed, standard breakfast fare with a gourmet twist, even deviled eggs. Who has deviled eggs for brunch? Nobody. This place is special. Do yourself a favor and head over there on your next free morning. Bring friends and affect a life of leisure. But don’t sit on the porch this time of year.

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