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The Honeymoon Cafe: A Casual Addition to Downtown

Source: Content Architecture, The Honeymoon Cafe

Source: Content Architecture, The Honeymoon Cafe

With all of the hustle and bustle of Downtown Houston, it’s great to enjoy a more casual approach to dining as you collect yourself during lunch. However, if you are familiar with the area, there are a lack of those places, with numerous upscale restaurants and bars packing the neighborhood.

Thankfully, The Honeymoon Cafe jumped in to give the heart of our city an affordable place with delicious coffee, tasty food and great cocktails without the hassle of a full bar atmosphere.

Source: Houstonia Magazine, Fried chicken liver po boy

Source: Houstonia Magazine, Fried chicken liver po boy

According to the Houston Press, the owners of Boomtown Coffee, Matt Toomey and Charlotte Mitchell have teamed up with Brad Moore and Ryan Rouse of the Corinthian Group, the group responsible for such major hits as OKRA, Bug Star Bar, and Goro & Gun. They took aim at the corner of Main and Congress, right between OKRA and famous late night spot of yore, Notsuoh, and created the perfect answer to Houston’s downtown deficit.

Source: Yelp, Smoked Salmon

Source: Yelp, Smoked Salmon

The Honeymoon doesn’t go over the top with fancy new stylistic fare, instead it presents a simple menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner consisting of sandwiches, salads, and a few tasty side dishes and yummy desserts. However, whereas breakfast is missing on the menu on the weekends, you can look forward to weekend brunch affair, with traditional brunch items alongside decidedly Cajun southern delights such as grillades & grits and fluffy beignets, as well mimosas and bloody marys.

Source: Yelp, Drip Coffee and Beignets

Source: Yelp, Drip Coffee, Latte and  Beignets

The Houston Chronicle informs us that they also are focusing on serving especially well made espresso and coffee drinks from Boomtown Coffee, using a rich blend of Guatemalan and Javanese beans.  If you’re looking for wine – they have an amazing selection as well.

Basically, you’d be hard pressed to find anything this cafe isn’t doing with care.  If The Honeymoon offers it, they have put plenty of thoughtful effort into doing it well.

If you’re in the downtown area before a show, after work, or just for a nice day perusing the city, stop in at The Honeymoon and gaze out of their large windows into the city while you sip a coffee, or a cocktail. Have a bite to eat, and enjoy the atmosphere of this well decorated corner cafe.


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