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Liberty Kitchen, a Food Lover’s Dream Come True

Located in the Heights area of Houston, Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar has plenty to be proud of. With a huge bowl of gumbo to die for, legendary deviled eggs, and oysters for days… it’s little wonder why you almost have to have a reservation to get inside. The line is often out the door, with the interior packed to the brim with full tables.

The numerous tables give the effect of sitting on top of each other, but the sheer number of people who want a piece of the action on any given day make it necessary. However, the joyfully eating patrons make for a mid-level noise barrier between your table and the next if you’re not sitting in one of the spacious booths. The interior itself, apart from numerous tables, is an oddly warm blend of dark stained wood and industrial-chic metal fixtures. The metal, however, doesn’t cool down the warm expression: it enhances the fashionable trend of re-purposed country barn style with a meticulous, clean, and upscale tone.

Liberty Kitchen’s barn style could unconsciously reflect their level of commitment to fresh, quality, local products—keeping its food farm-to-table fresh without much of the processing and polluting that’s rampant in chain restaurants and fast food places. The food itself is stunning. There are staples that span the menus of not just Liberty Kitchen, but also its sister location, the Oysterette, and BRC, its cousin. You can’t go wrong with a staple, but Liberty Kitchen has a unique take on Americana cooking with infusions of everything from Cajun to Asian.

The idea begin with co-owners Lance Fegen and Lee Ellis—just a scribble on a napkin (as so many great ideas are)—for the ‘perfect neighborhood joint.’ Now, if you take a look at that line on a Friday evening around suppertime, Liberty Kitchen serves the massive neighborhood of the Greater Houston Area and does what city lines cannot.

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