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Radical Eats for Radically, Awesome Food!

Radical Eats for Radically, Awesome Food!

Radical Eats
markets itself as a vegan and vegetarian eatery in Houston. Conveniently located in the Montrose area, this is a draw for many local residents, but don’t be deceived by your own carnivorous desires: Radical Eats has some pretty radically excellent food.

Possibly for the same reason you may not have heard of it (or thought it was for you) is the reason it’s never been over-crowded here. There’s always enough parking (I’ve only had to park on the street once, and that was a Sunday brunch morning), and even on days they’re packed, there’s room for everyone because of the ample seating.

The brunch is killer—a buffet-brought-to-you, they load up your table with the dishes of the day. And I don’t mean they give you three things to choose from. No, you get about ten things to choose from with the opportunity for seconds on whatever you like. They have sweet breakfast twists, they have some Asian-inspired food, they have quiche… and the best thing about brunch is that you get to eat stuff you may not have ever discovered.

On the other end, the Radical Eats dinner menu is equally intriguing with a whole slew of appetizers that sound good and taste better, daily specials that are finely tuned to taste better than the original, and all kinds of great twists on old favorites. I got mushroom enchiladas with a cashew cream sauce. It was so good I wish they delivered.

Also, the ambience is gorgeous. Behind the bar is floor-to-vaulted-ceiling bookshelves filled with every kind of book and knick-knack imaginable. There are vintage metalworks and all kinds of up-cycled and repurposed functional art that you have to do a double take before you realize it was something else in a past life. The patio doesn’t disappoint either—shady and green, it’s the perfect spot on a cooler morning and there’s even a community garden!

I definitely recommended visiting Radical Eats’ Facebook page to check out some of their announcements. And of course, getting on that brunch!

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