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The Breakfast Klub, Start Your Morning Off With the Best!

Known for their long line of “fellowship,” out the door, The Breakfast Klub’s loyal following is a testament to how worth the wait the experience is.

Since the moment The Breakfast Klub opened its doors in 2001 with 2 signature dishes, Wings & Waffles and Katfish & Grits, it has received both local and national praise.  The casual breakfast restaurant has been named one of the “best breakfast restaurants,” in the nation” by USA Today, Good Morning America, and Forbes Magazine as well as having been featured on numerous other “favorite” lists.

The soulful breakfast dishes provide a taste of true Southern cuisine as it reminds us of a homemade family breakfast full of love and care.  Even from the line you can tell just how dedicated the staff is to making you sure you feel right at home. If you’d like to bring a taste of The Breakfast Klub into your home and you skip the line, you can pick up their signature seasoning, waffle & pancake mix, seasoned breadcrumbs and even their premium coffee in person or visit their online shop.

While The Breakfast Klub only serves breakfast and lunch, their signature dishes are sure to keep you counting down to your next visit. Between the buttermilk biscuits, pork chops, French toast, and incredible breakfast sandwiches, it’s just too hard to pick a favorite.

Head over to one of two The Breakfast Klub locations in the Houston and see if you can do a better job than us on declaring your favorite dish. Just remember to be patient; it will be worth the wait!

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