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Yes, I Make Frequent Trips to Eurasia Fusion Sushi!

Eurasia Fusion Sushi opened where Zen 5 used to dwell, and it has a lot of recent history in the area, especially in my personal life.

It’s where I celebrated my birthday for 3 years and running, it’s where I went to celebrate my high school graduation (when it was Zen 5). I’ve had long talks with my cousins there and my best friends. I also went on one date there (he was a disaster—the food was delicious). George, the owner of Eurasia Fusion Sushi, is my friend and the wait staff all knows my name.

I guess you could say I’m a little biased in their favor, but my favor is not hard-won. The frequency with which I visit Eurasia Fusion Sushi should tell you plenty about my enthusiasm for not just the staff or ambience, but also the menu.

The staff is extremely helpful and generous. The lunch and happy hour menus have been recently revamped and are an amazing deal! But really, the thing that keeps me coming back over and over is the Stuffed Jalapenos!

Source: Eurasia Fusion Sushi

Source: Eurasia Fusion Sushi, Stuffed Jalapenos

Order them. Order three plates, eat two, and please save one for me. They are a little spicy (but not too much), with crab, cream cheese, and peanut butter; tempura fried and drizzled with eel sauce and spicy mayo. Listen, there are a lot of things happening here, and it sounds maybe a little overwhelming the way sandwiches were probably once seen as a novelty (you put how many things between bread?!), but trust me when I tell you: they’ve really reinvented the wheel on this one.

Speaking of reinventing the wheel—Eurasia also has an extensive selection of rolls. Basically, anything you couldn’t dream up, they have dreamed up for you. They of course also have Sashimi, and if you’re really resisting the stuffed Jalapenos (don’t do it—it’s pointless to resist), the Tuna Tar-Tare is always fresh and delectable.

Stop in today, it’s a great little spot nestled in a Spring Branch neighborhood: unassuming and unexpectedly brilliant. Tell them Jackie sent you!

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