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Cinco Ranch High School is a Stand Out in Katy!

Source: SPE Houston

Source: SPE Houston

Cinco Ranch High School is one of the top schools in Houston, rivaling other schools across the state and the nation. The high-achieving school provides an exemplary education for high school-age children of Fort Bend County and Katy ISD.

Its philosophy is BIG—with an “expansive” campus, big commitments to the community, and big deliveries on those commitments.

In fact, the Houston Chronicle ranked it the 3rd best high school in Houston in 2007 and pointed out that it enrollment rate has  been steadily increasing every year as Cinco Ranch becomes more and more prominent in the ever-expanding outer Houston area.

Cinco Ranch High School was even awarded the title of National Blue Ribbon School in 2008 and, in 2014, it was ranked #298 in the country by Newsweek out of roughly 27,000 public high schools—its best rank ever!

The programs available for its students are equally expansive: Gifted and Talented, Special Education, Career and Technology Education, ESOL, AP and Pre-AP programs, extra-curriculars and co-curriculars like band, choir, orchestra, speech, drama, art, drill team, cheerleading, sports and over 60 clubs and organizations.

This is all to focus on the future—or the F. U. T. U. R. E., a tenet emphasizing Focus on academics, being User-friendly (so everyone can learn), engaging in Teamwork, understanding each individuals’ Uniqueness, building Relationships, and fostering a safe and loving Environment for everyone.

Any way you slice it, Cinco Ranch High School is a great high school that equips students with all the tools they need to succeed!

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