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Deady Middle School, Keeping Students on the College Track

Source: Houston ISD

Source: Houston ISD

James S. Deady Junior High School—also known as Deady Middle School—is a communication arts magnet school located in Southeast Houston. With a stellar extracurricular department that’s been around for 85 years, it’s a school that could give your student a head start on a future career.

In 2011, the superb middle school was academically recognized by the state of Texas and this year it was one of the runners-up for the Gallery Furniture Teacher’s Lounge Giveaway.

While Texas teachers are some of the most dedicated in the country, the academic administrators at Deady Middle School are particularly noteworthy. The teachers at Deady have an average of 10 years of experience and parents rate them consistently highly. Their vision statements are geared toward making students lifetime scholars who succeed academically beyond even high school, with emphasis on self-discipline, high personal standards, endurance, and catalysts towards positive change.

The other huge draw of Deady Middle School is the extensive number of extracurricular programs and creative outlets for students. The Fine Arts department boasts some impressive goals for students’ academic and creative lives.

The Deady Broadway Company (DBC) allows students to create different kinds of work and study masters, both contemporary and historical, as well as gracefully generate and receive constructive feedback, adapting those skills to their daily lives. The music program cultivates other valuable skills like technical training and critical thinking, in addition to fostering knowledge and passion.

Other departments include Karate, Athletics and Woodshop/Robotics. There’s also aLicensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who is available to guide students in addition to a school counselor. Deady certainly has lots of tools to make for a successful educational environment.

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