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Houston’s Museum District: Vast Culture in Your Backyard

Houston Museum District

Source: Cassatelle

One of Houston’s most unique places to live is the beautiful Houston Museum District, as it is known for its stunning homes and rich culture. The Museum District was established in the mid 1970s when it became apparent that Houstonians needed easier access to their city’s museums and has become one of the most popular areas to visit in the city.

To this day, the Museum District remains thriving with their incredible homes, amazing restaurants, and of course the museums. There are 20 state-of-the-art museums, galleries, and community organizations dedicated to promoting history, science, art, and culture. A stat of the collective attendance from the museums marks over 8 million in the past year alone. As an added bonus, all of the museums have special days or events when anyone can attend free of charge, with 11 of the museums always being free.

The museum district is a beautiful area of Houston with world class museums and amazing, classical homes. In addition to the museums and houses, the museum district is also an advantageous area due to the proximity to the prestigious Rice University, the Medical Center, Downtown Houston and the Houston Zoo.

While the cost of living is higher in the Museum District than neighboring Midtown, there are reasonable prices for rental living in condos, townhouses and apartments. There are moderately priced older homes, but newer developments are more typically more expensive. The 4 METRO subway lines running through the area also make for easier access around the city, making this neighborhood pedestrian-friendly.

The Museum District is an incredible place to visit and an even better place to live! Come and visit this amazing neighborhood and be blown away by the great sense of community and beautiful Houston landscape!

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