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The Chamber of Commerce as a Resource

So you’ve just relocated to Houston. Welcome! There are so many things to do in Houston with numerous places to eat, and plenty of people to meet. The trouble is, however, that navigating the city upon arrival can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. There’s good news, though: The Chamber of Commerce is a great outlet for all things Houston. Whether you’re looking for a place to shop, a restaurant where you can eat or space to just hang out, you’ll find it there.

There are many things to discover on the Chamber of Commerce website, and here are some of the highlights.

Upcoming events

There’s an entire events calendar you can visit to see what’s going on around town. Sort by date and time to specify when you’d like to go out, or look up events by category (such as festivals and celebrations or school events). Note: while most events don’t require registration, you’ll know which ones do because they’ll have a giant “register now” button next to them.

Maps and areas

If you’re just getting to know the city, this is the section of the website for you. Here you can discover the business corridors, including Bellaire, Uptown/Galleria, Rice Village, Greenway Plaza and more. You’ll also find information on the variety of neighborhoods within Houston, like Sharpstown, Fondren Southwest, Southside Place and Westbury. And if you want more info about Houston (such as demographics) you’ll find it here, too!

Places to go, people to see

Houston is full of things to do. The Chamber of Commerce has an entire webpage dedicated to visiting all the different districts so you can get out there and explore. Not only will you find some general info about upcoming events, but you can also peruse lists of places to visit; areas to connect with nature, art and culture; and restaurants where you can please your taste buds.

Other things of interest

The Chamber of Commerce has many other offerings to give you more information about what’s going on in the city. Discover hot deals, browse the image gallery, read spotlights of current chamber members or join yourself!

The Houston Chamber of Commerce is a great resource to help you navigate your way through the city, even if you’ve just relocated to Houston. And if you need help with something, just contact the chamber with your inquiry!

The Houston Chamber of Commerce is here for you!

The Houston Chamber of Commerce is here for you!

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