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Get Your Next Rush Adrenaline Rush at Twisted Paintball!

If you are in need of a serious adrenaline rush, Twisted Paintball is the perfect place to get it! This extreme sport definitely has a loyal following, but where you choose to play can have a huge impact on your experience.

As one of the oldest paintball fields in Houston, Twisted has been providing a complex, fun paintball in environment for more than 10 years. This location specializes in making new players feel comfortable as they build on their much needed chess-like skills to tackle the more experienced players. Their friendly referees are ready assist on the adventure of fun to allow you to fall in love with the game of paintball.

Currently, there are 5 paintball fields that you can choose from on your journey, with an added bonus of being able to play them even during wet weather. The natural outdoors terrain provides great cover. With big tires, forts, oversized trucks, desert storm accessories and tunnels, there are more than enough ways to strategized with your team.

Twisted is also very family-oriented and owned by a mom who makes it is a priority to ensure that the safety of every player is first priority without taking away from the feeling of excitement on the field. You can feel at ease having your child’s next birthday party, corporate bonding event, church group, bachelor party or a simple gathering of family and friends for great competition.

Check out Twisted Paintball this summer for an adventure that you won’t forget. What features do you look for on paintball field to heighten your game?

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