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Need Some Ridiculous Fun? Join The Roc Race 2014

Everyone needs a challenge every now and then so, why not make it fun? Lace up your running shoes, gather up a group of family and friends, and join the ridiculous fun at the Roc Race 5k on Saturday, March 22, 2014. This game show-inspired obstacle course is just as over- the-top as you can imagine with the world’s largest inflatable water slide and infamous wrecking ball!

Everyone participating in the race–whether as an individual or team–will be running through 12 huge obstacles such as the world’s largest moon jump, the belly flop drop, and the Tarzan swing. You don’t have to be in the Olympics to be part of this race, it is non time; just have a great time making memories!

The proceeds will be going the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which supports and provides opportunities for people who are physically disabled to have fun, active lifestyles. To register for this larger than life event, please visit the link below!

Via: Roc Race 2014

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