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Start Anew at This Year’s Summer Solstice Observation!

Rothko Chapel is presenting an event in observation of the Summer Solstice that’s also perfect for personal healing. On Sunday, June 21, 2015 you are invited to the Summer Solstice Observation, with the option to attend a sunrise ceremony, sunset performance or both!

At sunrise, 6:20 am, you’ll be able to take in the long-standing ritual of Sang Chod, a Tibetan Smoke Offering. All of the attendees are invited to cleanse themselves of negative energy, replacing those worries with good intentions as the smoke rises. Additionally, they’ll be an opportunity to participate in a sunrise Tibetan yoga practice, which focuses on movements that will benefit chakras and allow you to connect with yourself the world around you.

Then at sunset, 8:25 pm, the Kaminari Taiko of Houston Drumming performance will begin, officially marking the longest day of the year. The significance behind the ceremony traces back far in Japanese culture when Samurai warriors used “taiko” or drumming to frighten their enemies and to communicate. Also, priests would use taiko to communicate the gods, which helped solidify its symbol of purification and ability to get rid of evil spirits.

While the event is free, there is a suggested $10 donation for your attendance. If you are a spiritual person, this event is a great place to meet other people with your interests for an incredibly moving ceremony. Be sure to RVSP to grab a spot this Sunday and let us know all about your experience!


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