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Transport to the Past at the Texas Renaissance Festival!

There are very few things in life I enjoy quite as much as fall. I love that it is no longer a million degrees… but the thing that I love the absolute most on this planet is The Texas Renaissance Festival.

I don’t even eat turkey but suddenly an overwhelming need for a turkey leg the size of my head comes over me and I know that I’m changing into something I can’t be in real life… and I am not the only one. Relatively normal people from all over Texas start talking like pirates or Renaissance poets, donning leather wears and tights, getting excited for that ongoing Halloween-esque celebration: RENFEST.

If you have not heard of Renfest until this moment, my eyebrows are raised but I am here to congratulate you: your whole life just got a little bit better. You know how you always wanted to attend a live action role-playing event, but it’s kind of a thing you need to be invited to, plus what would your friends say, plus where does one find a costume…? Well that’s fine because at Renfest I let my freak flag fly, and so can you.

Each weekend is a themed celebration of the Renaissance period (a slightly scary theme the weekend before Halloween, a dreamy fairy theme prior to that, then there’s Roman themed, Barbarian themed, Pirate themed… you get it), so there won’t be a lack of inspiration for dressing up and there are PLENTY of shops there with all your exciting costume needs!

Nonetheless, Renfest isn’t just costumes and the men in pantaloons who sell them (or the women with corseted bosoms): there’s also camping for those who want to immerse themselves in the experience. And, there’s entertainment everywhere you look, with countess shows to see sand fairies (who create amazing works of art), henna artists, dancers and entertainers of every variety. Plus, there’s food and drink that’s earthy.

People even have their weddings here in the beautiful gardens, surrounded by actors dressed to the nines as the “King and Queen” of the festival kingdom. If you like to shop, you are sure to take home some real unique gems with all of the weird, strange, wonderful items you’ve ever imagined on sale here. Powdered unicorn horn? Probably here. How do you know it’s from a real unicorn? Well how do you know it isn’t?!

That’s the beauty of a place like the Texas Renaissance Festival—anything is possible here! Renfest runs its seasonal course of being open from every weekend from 9am-8pm October 10th through November 30th. So what are you waiting for? Lace up that corset and meet me at the Sea Devil Tavern for a pint of ale! God save the Queen!

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