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Bernie’s Burger Bus is Laying Down Roots!

Many Houstonians have been wondering when this day would finally come; the day Bernie’s Burger Bus would open their own restaurant. Company owner Justin Turner recently announced that construction on the new restaurant will commence, located on the corner of Bellaire and Chimney Rock.

Turner’s aim is to always please the customers with great burgers, and a great atmosphere, which is why he decided to keep the “food truck feel” and put a food truck in the restaurant to house the kitchen. Bernie’s Burgers are always made from scratch using the freshest ingredients including 100% Black Angus beef, and to top off the fantastic burgers, Bernie’s makes their own homemade condiments.

Bernie’s has already gained a great reputation being ranked one of Houston’s best burgers, along with Houston’s best food truck overall. But Houston isn’t the only place taking notice to Bernie’s Burgers; Forbes List has ranked them #13 on The Top 25 Fantastic Food Trucks in America.

If you have not tried Bernie’s Burger Bus yet, then go and taste their amazing food. You can visit their website to track where the truck will be next or wait for their new restaurant to open soon.

Via: Bernie’s Burger Bus

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