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Bring Your Big Appetite To Kenny & Ziggy’s!

With a massive menu featuring over 200 items, Kenny & Ziggy’s New York Deli is a great restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy authentic New York style deli dining with a new contemporary twist. You’ll have more than enough to take home.

Everything is made the old fashioned way, from freshly baking challah bread to curing their own meats for extremely impressive and tasty sandwich combinations. This restaurant takes no short-cuts; they even overnight fresh fish from New York to ensure that every customer is getting high quality products every time!  I really enjoyed their french toast, perfectly executed bacon and eggs, and couldn’t leave without one of their freshly in house baked cakes!

Their dining area is extremely expansive, and finding parking is generally fast, easy, and painless. There is sometimes a small wait as you enter to get a table, but never for more than 15 minutes. Kenny & Ziggy’s is delicious, reliable, and in a great part of town. It is truly a Houston institution!

Enjoy your meal at Kenny & Ziggy’s and let us know what you think! Has anyone had one of their addictive, monster-sized sandwiches yet? Did you finish it?

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