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Enjoy the Bold Flavors Of New Saffron Kabob House!

It may just time for you to try something new! If you’ve ever eaten Middle Eastern food, then the cuisine and friendly service you will receive at the New Saffron Kabob House is something you will be used to and enjoy thoroughly. If you’ve never eaten Middle Eastern cuisine, then I highly suggest trying out this delicious and unique Houston dining experience.

My family regularly dines at this great restaurant to enjoy their Borani Badenjans appetizer (an eggplant based dish sautéed with fresh tomatoes, seasoned with garlic, and topped with a special yogurt sauce) with their amazing, hot, fresh naan bread followed by Chicken Curry for the spicy food loving parents and Chicken Kabob for the not so spicy loving children.

The wait staff at New Saffron Kabob House is always courteous and kind, with fast service making for an even better dining experience.  The restaurant is also family friendly and can host any size group. As an additional bonus, the pricing of the food is very reasonable. I am regularly shocked by how little it costs to feed my whole group versus other restaurants.

If looking for something unique and delicious, we highly suggest giving the New Saffron Kabob House a try and letting us know what you think in our comments below!

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