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Escape This Summer to Boheme, a Montrose Hotspot

Escape This Summer to Boheme A Montrose Hotspot

Source: Bar Boheme

Finding true dining gems in Houston can be difficult with so many restaurants coming into the area, but Boheme makes it easy. Located in the eccentric neighborhood of Montrose, Boheme fits right in with its eclectic feel, welcoming big personalities, quirky artists, and modern families.

Each time you visit, you are bound to make new acquaintances with loyal diners who are friendly and a staff that makes sure you fall in love with the neighborhood bar on your first trip. Houston native and owner, Morgan Holleman beautifully incorporated plenty of his favorite cultures, arts and flavors that he admires from all around the world to heighten your overall experience. According to Zagat, this romantic restaurant is the perfect place for a date under the stars.

Source: Houston Chronicle, Boheme

Source: Houston Chronicle, Boheme

One of the first things you’ll notice about Boheme is its gorgeous, whimsical setting that will easily transport you away from the typical Houston scenery. Pieces from Zimbabwe, France, Germany, and England give the neighborhood bar a unique personality with a mixture of modern and antique décor.

Source: Foodspotting, Vietnamese Fries

Source: Foodspotting, Vietnamese Fries

Every week you can find new foods and cocktails to try, thanks to an ever changing menu that will keep you excited about trying every new item. The pizza menu alone can be quite addictive with plenty of choices of toppings such as lobster, oysters, double wide/thick bacon, sunny eggs, and ground lamb to fit your palette of the day and pair well with a list of unique cocktails, wine, and beers. Personally, the Vietnamese Fries on the snack menu is a choice I’ve never been able to pass up; the chefs just make it to perfection!

This year, Houston Eater included Boheme on its list of Houston’s best dog-friendly restaurants and bars. The restaurant has a huge patio and porch with enough room for diners and pets alike, making it a great place to meet other pet lovers from all across Houston.

This summer give Boheme a try! We can’t wait to find out what you think of one of our favorite Houston hot spots!

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