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Good Dog Hot Dogs Boasts Big Flavors!


Source: FoxNews

Every fall season, Houston holds the “Houston Food Truck Fest” one of the largest food truck festivals in the nation. One of the top trucks in years past has been Good Dog, who proudly announced the recent opening of their own restaurant.

Good Dog Hot Dogs continue to make their great hot dogs but in a less mobile location. These top quality dogs are made fresh daily and are served on toasted Slow Dough Bread Co. buns. All of the condiments served on their hot dogs are original Good Dog condiments made from scratch to provide the best quality.

One of their best sellers is the Ol’ Zapata Dog which has a good kick from their home-made jalapeno relish. I definitely recommend the Ol’ Zapata if you can handle a little spice. FoxNews even placed it in the #1 spot of its Food and Drink, America’s Best Hot Dogs rankings.

If you live in Houston and have not yet tried Good Dog Hot Dogs, then you are missing out! Pay them a visit to their location on Studewood in Houston’s Heights District and let us know what you think!

Via: Good Dog Food Truck

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