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Siphon Coffee, the Newest Caffeine Shop on the Montrose Scene

Houston’s Montrose District is known for having many options for every coffee lover with warm and charming cafes such as Southside Espresso and Blacksmith. However, a new coffee house has come onto the scene in Montrose to compete with those neighborhood powerhouses.

Siphon Coffee recently had their grand opening and feel they can set themselves apart from their competitors, ultimately doing well in the coffee-loving neighborhood. Owner Michael Caplan recently sat down with Houston CultureMap, informing them that the shop is named after a non-traditional way of brewing coffee, which makes his coffee unique. The siphoning process takes about 10 minutes to complete, but their Japanese siphon machine brews their coffee to perfection so it will be worth the wait for each customer.

In addition to the coffee, Caplan believes Siphon Coffee is going to do well in Montrose because his customers are going to love the food they offer. The menu has food for anytime of the day, not just the traditional muffins and scones to go with your coffee. They have options such as eggs benedict for breakfast, paninis for lunch, and empanadas for dinner.

Siphon Coffee is very excited to begin their journey in Montrose where they plan to have many successful years of providing great coffee and food for the neighborhood. Have you had a cup of Siphon coffee yet? Let us know if you think it brings competition!

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