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Embrace The Gift Of Languages At Wharton Academy!

One of the best things about Wharton Dual Language Academy is that as an institution, it appreciates the great diversity of our society. One of HISD’s top schools, Wharton Academy’s magnet program embraces both English and Spanish languages equally. Students are taught the value of respecting and embracing other cultures in a multicultural world.

Wharton Dual Language teaches students in grades K-8. Beginning in kindergarten, 90% of the instruction is taught in Spanish, while 10% of the instruction is taught in English. More instruction is taught in English each year until the fourth grade when it becomes and stays 50% Spanish and 50% English.

The school always tops the list of Children At Risk’s best schools list and is held in high esteem. It stands by research that children who are bilingual outperform their peers academically due to the strong foundation of learning more than one language during the formative years of brain development.

Learn more about giving your children a head start with the gift of dual language and about the admissions process at Wharton Dual Language Academy by visiting the link below!

Via: Houston ISD

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