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Absorb The Mystery Of Last Concert Cafe!

Some restaurants in Houston are rich in history, and even bigger in Texas taste! While knocking on the deep red door creates a feeling of mystery and intrigue, it’s the casual ambience, tasty Mexican food and live music that will bring you back the Last Concert Cafe.

Houstonians love to gab about how the door knocking for access began as it used to not even have an outside doorknob! While the door no longer remains locked, people still love to try it out. It is truly a Houston gem that most learn about by word of mouth as the restaurant doesn’t even have a sign.

The café has three different performance areas, but its main stage is in the outdoor patio, surrounded by sand and picnic tables where you can gather a group to jam or dance the night away 7 nights a week! The food is simple yet enjoyable and their lunch menu has great options as well!

Made a memory at the Last Concert Café? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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