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Great Liberal Arts School in the Heart of Houston!

Houston Baptist University is a liberal arts school in the heart of Houston with a great campus where many students choose to live because it doesn’t necessarily have a “big city feel.” HBU truly is the best of both worlds because the students have access to the great city of Houston surrounding them all the while living on a friendly college campus.

HBU was founded in 1960 and has proudly offered a great liberal arts education for Houston residents. The mission of the university is to, “provide a learning experience that instills in students a passion for academic, spiritual, and professional excellence.” The school also seeks to enrich their students morally and spiritually in their Christian ideals.

Houston Baptist University is a very diverse campus that is proud to offer over thirty different majors spread throughout eight schools.

If you are still making college decisions, visit HBU in southwest Houston to find out if this is the right school for you. Houston Baptist University is a great college in the thriving city of Houston that has served this community for over half of a century.

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