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Welcome To Houston! An Overview Of The City

Welcome to Houston, a place where there is something for everyone! Houston is a vast metropolis where zoning is non-existent, and each subdivision has its own unique charm and style, revealing a lot about the residents who live there. Two looping highways section the city, the inner ring being Interstate 610, and Sam Houston Toll Way, or Beltway 8, is the outer circle. Inside the loop, you’re in the heart of the city, and as you continue out of the loop and the beltway, it becomes more suburban. Here are some of the the main subdivisions of Houston, broken up by general areas within the loops.

Neighborhoods Inside of the Loop (I-610)
– Montrose
-River Oaks/Afton Oaks
-The Heights
-West University/Bellaire
-Museum District
-Medical Center

Neighborhoods Outside of the Loop
-Memorial Area/Energy Corridor

Neighborhoods Outside of the Beltway
-Bay area/Clear Lake
-Sugar Land
-The Woodlands
-Eldridge/West Oaks

Still want to know more? Don’t worry, soon we will be highlighting each of these subdivisions, and breaking down what really separates interesting Houston neighborhoods! Subscribe to ensure you don’t miss out!

Via: Trip Advisor
Via: Visit Houston Texas

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