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The Guthrie Center, Bringing Students Into The Real World

Does your child learn better through experience? The Harold D. Guthrie Center is not quite a high school not quite a college, but it gives kids from all over Houston hands-on experience and training to do things they never thought to explore.

Named for the late Dr. Hal Guthrie, superintendent of the school district from 1986-2002, the Guthrie Center is like a technical college campus but with high school class credit. It’s supposed to be like a college campus, breezy and, while self-contained for safety, open with plenty of room for congregating.

The classes are all routed through Spring Branch’s 5 district high schools, where students choose courses from the Guthrie Center catalogue. This place has everything: 3D Animation and Graphic Design, Digital Filmmaking and Photography, Architectural Science and Design, Culinary design, Computer Tech (where you learn not just how computers work, but how to build them), Criminal Justice and ROTC, Cosmetology and Hotel Management.

The Guthrie Center is for the student who might learn better off the beaten path or wants to pursue something that isn’t provided as an extracurricular at their school. Even Photography, which is pretty standard-issue with high school newspaper and yearbook classes, can be a boon here to the student who wants to learn the commercial side of their interests with professional equipment.

Students here get the benefit of professional experience that make all the difference on college applications. According to YourHoustonNews, former students from various Guthrie Center classes attest to their time at Guthrie Center as giving them “a leg up” in the competitive world of college admissions. Guthrie Center even works with the local community college and others to ensure freshmen are ahead of the game with dual-credit classes and early college programs.

Whatever interests you or your child, Guthrie Center is an excellent tool for SBISD students looking to learn through real world experiences.

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