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Take Your Pick At The Best Damn Food Truck Festival Ever!

The Best Damn Food Truck Festival Ever is a mouthful… of delicious food and craft beer! Operating next month on November 15th from 2-8 pm, there’s plenty of time in the day to try a little something from every food truck!

Food truck culture has really boomed in the last several years—no longer does ‘food truck’ elicit an image of sub-par dining, and the trucks at The Best Damn Food Truck Festival Ever are out to show just how epicurean you can get in these great mobile eateries. With 21 food trucks to choose from amid live music and craft beer selections, you’re sure to find something your taste buds will scream for. Take a look at some of the great trucks that will be at the festival!

Skratch is a food truck with ethical bites and a culinary edge. Food here is made “from Skratch” in order to “accomplish an authentic, but never predictable, food experience,” according to their website. And I have to say, the Lobster Roll, made with Maine Lobster meat, looks like the first thing I want to try.

Even though American Gourmet is my favorite form of unexpectedly upscale dining, the creativity of the chefs overseeing these food truck experiences is a ‘Damn’ delight! Pho-Jita serves Thai and Mexican fusion cuisine. Betton’s Comfort Food explores the delectable world of Cajun and Greek influences on American comfort food classics. Caribbean Blend serves Caribbean food with a Latin flare. Then there’s Katminia Crepes and Zeapod Cakery… there is something for every palate! Even Buttz Gourmet will be there, a food truck that tastes better than it sounds! Anything that you can name can probably be found at this food fest!

Tickets are $35 for adults, $20 for children, and it’s sure to be some good eating so stop on by!

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