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Prepare for College at Eastwood Academy High School

Source: Houston ISD

Source: Houston ISD

If you want to make sure that your young leader of the future is prepared for college, Eastwood Academy Charter High School could be a great fit.

It has been ranked among the best in the country and according to the Texas Education Agency; it’s been an ‘exemplary’ high school since 2008, and it became a Blue Ribbon School in 2011. So it’s easy to see why Eastwood High School is on the US News’ ‘Best High Schools in Houston’ list and is ranked no.37 in the nation by America’s Best High Schools.

And there’s little wonder about its 100% graduation rate… and 100% acceptance into higher education. It means not only are the kids at Eastwood Academy graduating, they’re also high-achieving students, with 20 AP courses offered to them and a admissions program based on GPA, test scores, teacher recommendations and interviews. Dual-placement programs are also available to students through Houston Community College.

In 1954, the campus of present-day Eastwood Academy High School was built first as a Baptist Church. In 2001, the school was admitted as a charter school, originally as a small alternative for students capped from enrollment at Austin High School.

In almost every way, Eastwood Academy has unparalleled academic prestige. Their academic clubs and extracurricular activities are numerous and diverse, including the Girl’s Empowerment Movement Society, rocketry, the National Forensic League and robotics. The school has so many specific fields that shine; students have the options to explore before committing in college.

Class sizes, though the high school’s qualifications seem to spell it out, are small—in 2014 there were only 93 students in the 100% graduating class, with only 7 students earning an overall GPA of less than a 2.5 (or C+) average. It’s a love story for academics that keeps this high school at the top, and its students share in that love.

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