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Memorial Middle School, Preparing Students for a Big Future

There are some real gems in the Houston public school system, which easily rival private schools in the area. Hedwig Village and Spring Branch, both “highly regarded”neighborhoods  in the Houston area, are home to Memorial Middle School, a prestigious middle school that parents just can’t get enough of!

According to reviews from last school year left on Great, parents consistently rated the school as exemplary, calling the school “very challenging” and lauding teachers for their investment in their children’s education. One parent even said, “I can’t believe this school is free!” and others compared it to a private school.

Source: Your Houston News, Teacher, Sally Griffin has taught at Memorial Middle School for more than 40 years

Source: Your Houston News, Long-time teacher Sally Griffin has taught at Memorial Middle School for more than 40 years

Besides these excellent reviews, however, Memorial Middle School has a lot to be proud of. It’s ranked 185th in the state and 34th in Houston. The STAAR tests administered here are equally commendable: in 2013, Memorial Middle was at 92% in English Language Arts, compared to the state average per grade—as low as 71%. Additionally, the middle school scored at 95% in Math (compared to state averages as low as 71%), Writing at 94% (compared to 70%), Science at 95% (compared to 75%), and Social Studies at 89% (compared to 63%).

The student population is modestly homogenous, with an Anglo population of 68%, followed by a 19% Asian population, 9% Hispanic and 1% Black according to Great Schools. The mission statement, however, is anything but uniform: with 13 bullet points on their website, and 14 statements on their belief in an academic climate that fosters self-esteem and celebrates differences, but enforces a stringent policy on ‘misbehavior’ that, if on paper seems a little ominous, clearly produces results.

Serving students since 1963—even when they didn’t have desks or chairs, a well-paved street or a place for buses to drop students off—Memorial Middle School exemplifies a great school where children are given all the tools for a bright future!


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