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School of the Woods: 53 Years Of Montessori Learning

Houston offers many different types of schools to meet the values of families who want to see their children reach their maximum potential. Montessori schools are designed to create life-long learners and School of the Woods has been excelling at the task for more than 50 years as it serves students from early childhood through the 12th grade.

As the oldest Montessori school in the Houston area that has been continuously open, the School of the Woods got its start in 1962 in the Spring Branch area. The well-loved school serves students from more than 60 different zip codes throughout the Houston area, providing a stable, nurturing place that develops the natural talents of each student.

Teachers respect that each growing child is unique and deserves a personalized curriculum to maximize their progress on a journey to meet their needs and abilities, building on interests. Learning is seen as a “hands-on” experience to extend knowledge from the classroom to real-life applications. Interacting with objects and people enhances critical thinking skills, encourages abstract ideas and helps students embrace differences in others, cementing more cooperative relationships.

School of the Woods also offers rich before and after school programs to broaden their students horizons including performing arts and athletics. Parents are encouraged to get involved in the many programs, events, and school improvements throughout the year. This caused a tight-bond between families and faculty, which demonstrates positive relationships to the students.

If you are looking for a place that allows your child enough freedom to grow into themselves without neglecting teaching them necessary educational and life skills, School of the Woods is receiving great praise. Fill out an application and take a tour before it fills up this fall. What you do think of the Montessori learning method? We’d love to hear how it worked for your family.

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