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How Dog-Friendly is Houston?

Are you looking to move to Houston and can’t live without your furry friend? You’re in luck. Houston may have more pet-friendly establishments than any other city nationally. There are pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, dog parks and even special events.

It’s common to see dogs in pet stores and out on restaurant patios, but what about at the bank? In Houston, you’ll find clothing stores, hardware stores and even banks that openly welcome both you and your pets. In fact, Home Depot, Lowes, Starbucks and Old Navy are all pet-friendly places.

And what about the dog parks?

Houston has a vast and inviting collection of green spaces and dog parks. Many of these parks have swimming ponds, shaded benches, water drinking fountains, walking paths and separate areas for large and small dogs. You don’t have to go far to stumble upon some of the area’s 49,643 acres of green space. For a list of some of the most popular dog parks, check out this blog.

Dog-friendly restaurants

And if you’re looking for the latest place to enjoy a tasty meal with your puppy pal by your side, Houston has almost never-ending options. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to keeping you updated on all things Dog Friendly in Houston. Follow this page and you will be the first to learn about upcoming pet events and new dog-friendly places. You and your four-legged friend will have a blast exploring Houston together!

Great FaceBook group to keep you and your dog happy!

Great FaceBook group to keep you and your dog happy!

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