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Check Out the New Addition at Discovery Green!

One of the most beloved parks in all of Houston, Discovery Green, has recently made a new addition to the already modern park. Landscape Architect Lauren Griffith has designed a new elevated deck under the shade of century-old Houston oak trees.

The new 4,700 square foot eco-friendly deck is made of Brazilian Ipe Wood, a smart choice of hardwood because it is durable and extremely resistant to weather, fire, and molding. The deck is a great lounging spot for park-goers who want to relax and get out of the hot Houston sun.

The deck has a number of comfortable chairs and tables, some of which were donated by charities to make the park even more attractive. 20 tables and 80 chairs were donated by the Kinder Foundation, a Houston family philanthropic foundation dedicated to significantly impacting the Greater Houston community.

Discovery Green is also raising funds for additional seating through their “Save A Seat” campaign, which is a truly special way to honor the memory of someone important to you. Donating $150 to the campaign will get you  an inscription on the back of one of the chairs, while a $300 donation gets you the inscription as well as two reserved seats for Discovery Green’s Thursday Concerts this season.

Visit this weekend Discovery Green in downtown Houston to have a great day in the park and enjoy the new deck in the shade of historical oak trees. What do think of the beautiful new addition?

Via: Discovery Green

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