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Visit Elevation Burger, Where Ingredients Matter!

If you are looking to upgrade your fast food experience, there is one lone burger joint in Houston committed to exceeding your expectations. Elevation Burger is giving Houstonians an opportunity to fall in love with the taste of fresh, organic ingredients when they are out on the go.

Elevation Burger opened its doors in 2005 after its founder Hans Hess couldn’t find a burger that would stand out in both sustainability and taste.  It is becoming one of the chains many Americans are turning to as they are watching their health and caring for the environment.

With the vision to provide menu selections full of flavor in an environmentally friendly setting, Elevation Burger is one of the most unique fast food places to hit the city with facts such as 100% ground-on-premises beef, 100% grass-fed, 100% free range, 100% USDA certified organic meat. They even take special care in making their fries heart-healthy by using olive oil to fry them.

In addition to their low calorie, organic beef burgers, Elevation offers two veggie burger blends and allows you to mix and match beef and veggie patty options, then top them off with over 10 fresh ingredients. Authentic, homemade shakes, malts, and their founder’s signature chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookie are also favorites that can easily brighten your day.

Elevation Burger is certainly taking care of its diners and can’t wait to see you. Head on over to get your elevated experience and let us know what you think!


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