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Fun Alternatives to a Crowded Water Park

The big news during this hot summer is that a new kids’ water park, Typhoon Texas, has opened in Katy. Just off Interstate 10, this wet adventure-land has already drawn large crowds. And that means that all those huge water slides your kids are so eager to go on will have some huge lines.

What’s more, a pass for kids costs $33! That’s a lot of money to be waiting in lines all day.

This is not to say Typhoon Texas won’t be great for kids, but if you want to beat the crowds and pay less, there are plenty of other places kids can go to splash around, have fun and cool off.


Throughout the city, there is a host of water parks for kids; they’re known as water spraygrounds. These play areas are built to encourage kids to have fun on a hot day, and because there’s no danger of drowning (kids play in a few inches of water) there is no need for lifeguards. Heck, depending on the child’s age, parents might not even need to supervise.

Each sprayground is different and all have a variety of fountains and themes. For instance, the Montie Beach Park sprayground has an ocean theme (complete with a spouting whale and a desert island). Herman Brown Park’s, on the other hand, is a huge, frog-themed sprayground. No matter where you go, you’ll find a wet, cartoonish wonderland kids will love.

For a list of spraygrounds near you, check out the city’s handy sprayground website.

Stay cool this summer!

Stay cool this summer!

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