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iFly Indoor Skydiving: Feed Your Inner Daredevil

Have you ever wanted to experience skydiving, but find it a bit too insane to jump out of a perfectly good airplane while soaring over Houston skies?

Well, you happen to be in luck, because iFly Indoor Skydiving just opened to the public right here in Houston!  iFly lets you experience all of the amazing weightlessness and adrenaline rush of skydiving in a safe, reliable environment.

iFly’s state of the art wind tunnels perfectly replicate the sensation of free-falling with upward draft winds ranging 80 to 175 miles per hour, giving you the same burst of adrenaline without the intensity of jumping out of an airplane, and removing the need to be strapped to someone you don’t know.

Source: iFly World

Source: iFly World

You simply go through a quick training course, designed to teach you how to keep yourself afloat in the wind, what to expect as far as sensations go and hand signals to be used in “flight”, then you get issued your gear and are ready to fly!  Once you’ve had your first flight, where you practice learning how to float easily on your stomach and stay afloat, the iFly trainers will begin to teach you aerial gymnastic maneuvers for your next flights.

This is an awesome way to indulge that daredevil side of yourself without actually being dangerous.  Not to mention, iFly flights cost considerably less than regular skydiving, and you get to stay in the air for 60 seconds per flight, which is significantly longer than the average freefall time of 45 seconds on a normal skydive. Plus, many affordable packages include 2 flights for a great bargain.

The best thing about iFly is that they don’t have many restrictions. Anyone from 3 to 103 is more than welcome to try their hand at freefalling, learning better tricks each time. So overall, we have to ask, what are you waiting for?!

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